Vests Newly added

We are proud to introduce to our lineup- Made In America- The Raid Gru plate carriers.

     The Raid Gru Plate carriers are now in our store. We are offering a great training platform with slick elastic cumberbund that hold everything in place and comes with shoulderpads. These are a minimalist design meaning there is not extra material to get in the way and makes mobility much more comfortable. 

     The Tactical competitors have been loving our plates so we also offer an option for the same platform but with molle cumberbunds and a placard which holds 3- 5.56 mags.

    The strap inside the bags help adjust to hold the plates tight so they dont bounce.

     All plate carriers are also machine washable.

     Molle Cumberbunds also are colapsable and can hold mags. Each Cell will hold 1 magazine. The more Cells the longer the cumberbund so choose sizes according to your body weight.  

     Typically ladies will get a small carrier and with molle option they should choose 2 band with 2 Cell. 

     Men should choose the medium carriers with 3 band, 3 Cell. 

Unsure on which size to get please feel free to reach out.