RX+Plates for Rogue "Castro" plate carrier
RX+Plates for Rogue "Castro" plate carrier

RX+Plates for Rogue "Castro" plate carrier

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RX+Plates Patent Pending design are engineered to be more comfortable, less obtrusive with the Swimmer's cut shape, and heavy radius corners to prevent digging into your legs while performing squats.
These specific plates are designed to fit the Rogue "Castro" plate carrier.
RX+plates will fit the standard plate carriers like 5.11 Tactec, Condor, Bear Komplex, and most plate carriers that fit SAPI plates.
Plate Dimensions: 11.25" x 9.25". Weight each: 8.75 pounds.
Combined with vest = 20 pounds which is RX for men.
Both of these plates are curved
All steel plates are LASER cut to high precision and made in the USA.
Standard color is Textured Blue.
Contact us directly for alternate color for an additional charge.
DISCLAIMER: THESE PLATES ARE NOT INTENDED FOR PERSONAL PROTECTION. *RX+Plates is not affiliated with Crossfit, 5.11Tactical, Condor, Bear Komplex, Rogue.*

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